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Your Luxury Studio Awaits

We build furnished skoolie studios with open space concepts. Our style is an open and airy feel. We keep separating walls to a minimum and classy color to a maximum - paying homage to the hippie roots that started the school bus tiny home movement all those years ago, while also keeping it tasteful and modern. But we're not just concerned with form, we are passionate about function.

All of our buses are capable of being truly off-grid. On every bus we now put no less than 1000+ watts of solar panels, 14 Nissan Leaf battery cells, 8000+ watt inverter, 75+ gallons of fresh water and 75+ gallons grey water. These are minimums. Any less and you aren't truly prepared for off-grid.

When we decided to start Bus Life Studios, a large part of our decision had to do with the lack of unique and also truly 'capable' conversions out there. It felt there was a place for us, a place for rich and vibrant colors among otherwise bleak selections. And perhaps most importantly, a severe lack of off-grid capable conversions. We continually saw buses advertised as off-grid and yet they had only 200-600 watts of solar, between one and six lead acid batteries, and twenty to sixty gallons of fresh water. It was hard to believe these buses were being labeled as off-grid livable, and had hefty price-tags, no less. 

So we decided to do it different. We set out to deliver unique, one-of-a-kind buses, the likes of which you'll find no where else. Buses that are designed in such a way that there may only be a handful of buyers in the world for that particular bus. And, to set up our skoolies to be everything a person needs to truly and completely live off-grid, with the shore power connections as well for when they want to be on-grid. All at a price that is attainable.

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