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Because you don't know what you don't know.

The thing I discovered through literally hundreds of conversations with folks is the potential to offer people in an hour conversation more meaningful, critical tidbits than they had gleaned in the countless hours they had poured into forums, Facebook groups, or YouTube. Those can all be great resources and in fact I do encourage you to pour over all that. Doing some research before you reach out to us can be a good way to get ideas of what you'd like to inquire about. I will share with you the up and down sides to all those cool ideas you're considering. From there the conversations tend to flush out what you didn't even know that you didn't know. Topics you hadn't even thought about.

I encourage a consultation when:

When you are looking to choose a builder. I know which builders deliver real craftsmanship and know how to build a bus safely. I will help prepare you to ask your potential builder the questions that matter most before you trust them with your home.

When you are trying to decide what size & type of bus to buy. Lots of people build out their bus & hit the road only to discover they picked the wrong bus for the activities they wanted to do.

When you need layout guidance! Some of the most gorgeous buses out there are some of the least practical to live in. I will advise you on a layout that will be both beautiful and functional.

When you're diving into a DIY build! Just a little professional guidance can go a long way in saving you so many headaches.

$60 per hour session

I accept Venmo or PayPal. To schedule click 'Book Now' to the right. Along with your payment just leave a note requesting the day, time, email, and phone number that you'd like me to reach you at. I can make most any time work! You'll receive a confirmation email shortly after you complete payment.

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