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Zeno was raised in an intentional community, a true-blue hippie commune in the Pacific North West. There, they did everything on their own, from farming, to mechanics, building, engineering, water systems, and pioneering of solar and alternative fuels. As an adult he utilized his experiences to remodel homes, from the substructure, framing, electrical, plumbing & everything in-between. In 2019 he and Ashley had set out to start an off-road fabrication company, but it seems by destiny they fell into skoolie building, where all the skills he's refined through the years continue to be utilized!





Ashley grew up in the Midwest, the daughter of a carpenter. By the age of five she was on roof tops "helping" her dad shingle. She followed a different path from the blue-collar life her father led. With a 4.0 in college, she went on to become a manager of a software company in Orange County California. While financially fulfilling, the tech industry was not creatively fulfilling for her. She attended night school for two years learning to weld, TIG being her specialty. And with that, she was back to the blue-collar roots she missed!

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