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Do you do convert vans also?

We do not.

But our friend Brendon does & one of his builds was even recently featured in the Eugene Register Guard! You can reach out to him at

Where do I

get a bus?

We can convert a bus you already have. If you don't yet have one, we can source one for you!

Or, if you'd like to source your own some great sites are:



Facebook Marketplace


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How long does it take to build a custom bus conversion?

Depending on the amenities you choose, your build will take somewhere between two & four months!

How much does a custom bus conversion cost?

We can build a simple conversion for as little as 45k, though our average custom build costs between 60-80k.

Our pricing is extremely straightforward. We charge the cost of materials times 3. This makes us one of the most affordable skoolie builders out there.

We do not personally offer financing, though we have had clients obtain financing. Some options we know of are:

Personal loan through your bank or credit union

PayPal financing

Lending Tree loan

Light Stream loan

How can I get financed for a skoolie?

Absolutely. For the cost of travel, we can deliver your bus to you anywhere in the US, Canada or Mexico!

Do you deliver?

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