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Custom Skoolie Conversions

We are excited to share that we are closing shop in order to hit the road in our own skoolie! We have two more custom builds to complete, plus the completion of our own bus, then you'll see us on the road this summer! We will continue to be available for consultations - just shoot us an email at

So, you’re interested in a bus built by us! That’s rad! We are upfront in that we are selective in accepting custom orders, but only to ensure we’re the right builders for you! We do things a little differently and know that our way isn’t the way for everyone. But don’t let this make you apprehensive.

We know if you’ve found us, you’ve likely spent some chunk of time sifting through the brilliant, creative, fun skoolie ideas across Instagram, Pinterest, or the like. You’ve found ideas you love, and those you don’t. You’ve probably dreamed up layouts, maybe even drawn them out. Maybe you know exactly what you want, or perhaps you’re not sure where to begin with the endless possibilities. And that’s great!


At Bus Life Studios, the way we do custom buses is to ask you to give us all that info, then let us run with it. Pour it on us, share it all, tell us why you’re passionate about living bus life, what ideas you love and what you don’t, give us a peek into your world and personality, tell us your must haves and your absolutely nots, then, sit back and relax while we let the creativity flow and deliver our work of art to you when complete. Think of it like those home renovation TV shows, where the host gets an idea of the homeowners character and preferences, then sends them away until the renovation is done, at which point the reveal is a surprise. That’s our operating model, minus the TV show!

A little different from those shows though, we do absolutely update you on the progress as we go. Along the way you'll get tons of updates, quirky questions from us & we'll answer all the questions you have, too.

This method separates us from others in the business. We don't just build conversions, we make art. With us you get both a builder and an interior designer. Our skoolies have character. We don't build blank slates with the basics. We take the basics, upgrade them, then add beauty, fun & a ton of function.

Curious? Reach out, below!

We'll respond with our initial questionnaire - a starting place that will help you think on various aspects of your build & allow us to get to know you & put together a rough quote.


Eugene, OR

We'll be in touch soon!

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